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MikMod for Windows

What is it?


MikMod for Windows ("MikWin") is a port of the MikMod sound library for Unix. This library plays module-files like .MOD, .XM, .S3M and many others. It was originally written by Jean-Paul Mikkers (MikMak) and is now maintained by Miodrag Vallat. It is released under the GNU Library General Public Licence which means it can be used, copied and edited freely (for details see the licence).

I ported it to Windows as a dynamicly-linked-library that can be used with any programming language that supports DLLs. For sound output DirectSound is used, so you must have DirectX installed on your system (at least Version 3).
For compiling a C-Compiler with the DirectSound-libraries is needed (I used MS Visual C++ 6.0) but I also have included a precompiled version of the DLL. Also you will find find a import unit and an example program for Borland Delphi 3.

If you have any questions, comments, bug-reports don't hesitate to mail me (joerg@bitplanet.de).

Latest Version: (based on Unix 3.1.5 Beta)



  • Source and binaries v3.1.5.3 (555 kb)
    Note that this is the first release! It works pretty fine for me but could need some more documentation. Well, some day... ;-)

    Further Developments


    Ozzys MikWin logo Ozzy created a new version of MikWin based on libMikMod release 3.1.10 which has improved performance.

  • Mikwin-3.1.10 and newer


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